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The Jimmy Luv Story

Jimmy Luv is first and foremost, a Bloody Mary lover. As he experimented with his recipe Jimmy’s passion was to develop the best Bloody Mary possible. Once he created the exact mix of ingredients to satisfy his own high taste standards, Jimmy wanted to share his refined blend with anyone that sought a fantastic Bloody Mary.

Whether at a football or baseball tailgate, camping trip, or a day on the lake with friends, the party was not officially started until Jimmy Luv’s bloody mary’s were served. As evidenced by the all-out effort, Jimmy’s goal was to provide Bloody Mary lovers with an amazing drink along with a great experience. A common response for those consuming a Jimmy Luv Bloody Mary for the first time is, “This is thee best Bloody Mary I’ve ever had!”

As a CPA by trade and getting downsized twice in 2 years, he decided to put his future in his own hands. At the beginning of 2009 he gathered 4 long-time friends and started Jimmy Luv Enterprises. After 10 months of working with the formulation, the first bottles of Luv were introduced to the market in November of that year.

In no time, Jimmy Luv would earn first place on many a party invitation list. While we can’t send Jimmy Luv & his Bloody mixology show out to you and your friends’ parties in the flesh, we can promise to help you recreate the “Best Bloody Mary Ever.” With Jimmy Luv’s Bloody Mary Mix in hand, all you have to do is… Shake the Bottle, Wake the Luv! Enjoy with friends.