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Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s the shelf life of an unopened bottle of Jimmy Luv’s?
The unopened shelf life of all of our products is 24 months from the production
(see Best Used By date printed on the bottle at the base of the neck).

How long will a bottle Jimmy Luv’s® last once open?
If refrigerated, all our products stay fresh for 3 weeks.

Do Jimmy Luv’s® Mixes contain gluten?
No, non of our products contain gluten and no added MSG.

How many servings can I get from a bottle?
The average serving container for a Bloody Mary or Caesar is a 16 oz glass. Mixed with ice and vodka, a bottle of Jimmy Luv’s®  (32 oz) serves approximately 5-6 bloody marys and (1.75L) serves approximately 10 bloody marys.


Serving Tips:

Jimmy Luv’s® Bloody Mary Mix is a premium blend of spices and special ingredients. With a quality blend, such as Jimmy Luv’s® Bloody Mary Mix, separation does occur over time. Therefore, it’s important to Shake the Bottle, Wake the Luv™ before serving.

When mixing Jimmy Luv’s® Bloody Mary Mix with vodka, we highly recommend that the server utilizes a mixing cup to ensure a balanced taste of mix and alcohol.

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